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True Amateur Models Affiliate Program -
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:03:40 pm »

Greetings! I have been shooting amateur models (as a full time job) for 12 years now and I have shot 250+ amateur girls. The particular girls that I shoot are always personally approached by myself out in public locations and are spoken to in regards to participating in my amateur nude modeling photo shoots! Of course, I do shoot videos (high definition) but the vast majority of the content on True Amateur Models is primarily photo based content. The photos are high resolution pictures, but are also extremely amateur and homemade photos! The videos are always shot in the high definition format, and just as the photo galleries, they have very good quality.

The content has always converted very well and I offer a 50% percentage on initial sales AND re-bill sales. I actually do have quite a bit of re-bills that flow through the website because I continue to shoot new models every week in order to keep the members area updated. Hell, I have continued to regularly update this website LIKE CLOCKWORK every since it was launched many years ago. And again, this also helps you as an affiliate, since you are paid on re-bills! And of course, one of the best ways to bring in sales is to market and promote the free hosted affiliate galleries! That's always a very good way to generate income for yourself as an affiliate and we also offer a 10% webmaster referral too!

The affiliate program that I use is through CCBill and can be located here: True Amateur Models CCBill Affiliate Program

Downloading and exporting the complete list of FHG's from my program is very easy to do. You just simply enter your CCBill ID into the box, click the update button, scroll down and click the generate button and you will be presented with all of the affiliate galleries, along with your personal CCBill affiliate ID already in the URL's. The galleries are ready to be promoted.

Please take a moment to view the type of content that you would be promoting as an affiliate. I have some gallery links listed below ...and there is a total amount (as of now) of 347 free hosted galleries in the program. Be sure to import them into your website(s) so that we can both make $$$ together! And just to let you know, the links below are the original galleries. Once you become an affiliate and download the FHG's, you will have these same links, but with a CCBill URL, along with of course your affiliate ID in the URL.

Hope you all enjoy the content ...and please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions.

My email is

Name: Hailey H.
Age: 23
Height: 4' 07
Employment: Cashier Clerk
Pictures: 1,150 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!
Videos: 1 Nude Modeling | Ass Spreading HD Video

Watch this 23 year old cashier clerk that works a donut store during the evening hours try out some amateur nude modeling! You will see Hailey showing off her freckled face and that petite and tiny nude body from all sorts of different camera angles! As always, there are plenty of up-close shots too! This petite and tiny breasted amateur also has a hairy pussy! Do you like REAL amateur girls with an all natural and hairy bush? If you answered yes, you should enjoy these pictures from this hairy pussy amateur! If you answered no, well then you are still in luck because I have a lot of high resolution pictures of her with a shaved pussy too! Hope you all enjoy these very homemade and extremely underground modeling pictures from a 100% real amateur girl!

Click the thumb below to go to the gallery! :)

Name: Kendra
Age: 18
Height: 5' 04
Employment: Hair Salon Receptionist
Pictures: 1,600 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!
Videos: 1 High Definition SHOWER MASTURBATION Video + More Coming!

I came into contact with this hot amateur blonde babe while walking around an apartment complex. There is a lake down there where the residents can sit back and relax from the day and that's where I saw this hot amateur blonde! She was sitting down on the bench, just basically kicking back. I needed to find out where the community game room was located, so I decided to to ask this hottie for directions! Not only did she give me directions, but she told me that she was thinking about walking down to the game room herself, so she walked me down there! This was the perfect opportunity to speak with her about the possibility of her participating in my nude amateur modeling shoots! As you can see, she decided to do the modeling, so I suppose I spoke with that right girl that day over at that apartment complex!!

Click the thumb below to go to the gallery! :)

Name: Jenny J.
Age: 19
Height: 5' 07
Employment: Candy Store Cashier
Pictures: 360 High Resolution Pictures + More Pictures Already Taken & Coming Soon!

This hot blonde babe does not have any experience in nude modeling, but she sure did a great job at the amateur nude modeling shoot!  As always, the pictures are high resolution modeling pictures ...and they are also very exclusive pictures too, since I always shoot my own content. Jenny and I came into contact with one another over at the local gym the other day! I noticed this cute babe running beside me on her treadmill and I just had to speak with her in regards to hopefully participating in my amateur nude modeling shoots! I was actually surprised at how quick she was ready to get started! Jenny told me that she had always thought about doing a little bit of nude modeling, but that the idea never went any further than simply thinking about it. I am sure glad that I decided to speak with Jenny that day over at the local gym! Hope you guys enjoy these amateur nude modeling pictures of a cute blonde babe modeling nude for the very first time!

Click the thumb below to go to the gallery! :)

Name: Cloe
Age: 18
Height: 5' 04
Employment: Beach Bathing Suit / Souvenir Shop
Pictures: 500 High Resolution Pictures + More Coming!

Cloe is 18 years old and she is a very amateur teen! As you will notice in these high resolution modeling pictures, she also has a nice set of big and all natural breasts! I came into contact with this brunette babe over at a restaurant here in town. She was there with her friend (female) and they were both waiting outside on the bench, waiting to be called in order to be seated. I really wasn't paying a lot of attention at first, but was on my cell phone scheduling one of the models to come over to shoot. Apparently, one of the girls overheard me on my phone and were both giggling about the nude modeling. I was on my way back inside of the restaurant when I heard Cloe's friend say out rather LOUDLY that Cloe should ask me about the nude modeling! Needless to say, as soon as I heard that, I was on my way over towards them to speak with Cloe about modeling for my website! Cloe was indeed interested in the nude modeling and we also scheduled a shoot that same day! Hope you all enjoy these amateur modeling pictures from Cloe!

Click the thumb below to go to the gallery! :)

photos above used from the galleries:

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Re: True Amateur Models Affiliate Program -
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 05:01:06 am »

thanks for the contribution. It's what I was looking for. I'm going to take a look at your webcam girls