Author Topic: For Sale: High Quality Adult PBN Backlinks all sites TF/CF at least 15  (Read 4524 times)

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Since you’re on this topic, you already know what a PBN is and you know the benefits.

One point we need to make is that over the course of the last 3 years we found that a PBN is the secret to ranking high on the most competitive keywords in our niche.  And we want to help you rank #1 on any keyword you desire as well. And by helping you, we're going to help ourselves.

Here's how:

Due to the fact that we cannot only post links to our own sites, we decided to reach out to fellow adult site owners and webmasters or SEO professionals from other countries and offer them links in our network. Hence we each help each other: you can get the extra juice to rank #1 and get more $$ while we also get more $$ and at the same time ensure our PBN looks as natural as possible.
We offer you access to high quality PBN links that we use to rank our own adult sites!

Attention: limited to only 28 orders/month. By orders we mean unique domains we will send links to. So, if you have only one site, you will only be able to order 1 package/ month. But if you have multiple sites you can order more packages.
Here are the specs of the network alongside all other pertinent information. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have questions that we did not cover here.

All sites have TF/CF of at least 15 and go up to 40/50
All sites are built on expired adult domains and have adult themed content on them
All content on the sites is at least 80% original on article pages and 100% original on static pages
Sites are built on expired domains in the adult niche
Sites have never had penalty (checked public records to ensure this)
Sites have a full history of being in the adult niche

Zero footprints left:
- Various hosts
- Different IPs 
- Mix vanity nameservers and default hosting servers
- No SEO Hosting whatsoever
- Different registars
- Random whois data and whois protection + cloudflare on some of the sites
- Unique themes
- Unique images
- Unique logos
- Each site is set up differently

Sites are 100% natural looking and can pass human review:
- Relevant and 100% humanly readable content
- Mix of articles with images, videos, just text, etc
- Static pages 100% workable (and unique contact, Terms of service, Privacy policy)
- Sites receive links, traffic and comments

AVAILABLE LINK PACKAGES (yes, each one has a silly name):

- 25 links from 25 adult PBN sites
- Drip feed over 1 week
- Max 2 URLs max 3 keywords per URL
- Recommended for medium to low competition keywords

- 50 links from 25 adult PBN sites
- Drip feed over 2 weeks
- Max 4 URLs and max 3 keywords per URL
- Recommended for medium to high competition keywords

- 100 links from 100 different adult PBN sites
- Drip feed over 1 month
- Max 10 URLs max 5 keywords per URL
- Recommended for position #1 on any keyword including high competition keywords

ORDER NOW – write a message in the thread or PM

Question: Are the links permanent?
Answer: Yes, they will remain on the blog permanently.

Question: What is the OBL (outbound links number) on the sites?
Answer: On the home page the OBL is max 30 - depends on each blog's setup but maximum is 30. On the page the OBL is 4-5 maximum.

Question: Can I haggle on the prices?
Answer: Absolutely not. This is a service that we provide because we want to help you rank, and it is a truly private network, not spammed to death. Please do not try to negotiate the prices. 

Question: How many sites do you have in your network?
Answer: There are over 800 sites, all in the adult niche, all TF/CF over 15, all aged domains, 3-10 years old, all TLDs (.com,, .net,.org)

Question: How many packages can I order?
Answer: We will restrict 1 site to 500 links per month (aka your main domain). We do this because we want to protect our network but we also protect your site.

Question: Do you offer bulk discounts?
Answer: As stated above, we are comfortable offering 500 links per month per site - you can have different URLs but only one domain name. If you have multiple domains and if you order over 200 links we can offer a small discount of 10%.

Question: Do you provide reports, how do I know this is not a scam?
Answer: If not even the guys with spammy PBNs do not offer reports, why would we? We worked very hard to build our network and we want to keep it private so no reports. HOWEVER, as a professional courtesy we will provide you with up to 10 screenshots per order only by your request.

Question: How can I pay?
Answer: We will take Paypal payments, 100% upfront - just like everybody else.

Question: What is the TAT?
Answer: Depending on the package the TAT is between 1 week and 1 month.

Question: Can you offer the links faster?
Answer: Yes, but we do not recommend it as it puts your sites and our network at risk. We can however speed up things a little if you need some extra juice, but this for a fee and only once as so:
- for the Tryout Package with 25 links we can post them all in one day but the price goes up to $400
- for the Regular Package with 50 links we can post them all in 1 week but the price goes up to $800
- WE WILL NOT SPEED UP THE "COMMITED" 100 links PACKAGE for both your and our sake 

Question: What is the article's quality?
Answer: We have a unique process of producing articles that are minimum 80% unique using hand written articles spinned manually and then with TBS.

Question: What is the article length?
Answer: All articles are at least 400 words in length and go up to 500-700 words.

Question: Do you offer refunds?
Answer: Again, if the guys that sell links from generic, low quality PBNs do not, we also will not.

Question: How long until I see the results?
Answer: Depends on what the current position your site is for the chosen keyword and the competition. From our own personal experience results will show in 1 week up to 2 weeks in the adult niche.

ORDER NOW – write a message in the thread or PM

- The more URLS and keywords you provide, the lower the chances are to hit #1 position on any of the keywords, unless the keywords are low competition. To get the best results our recommendation is to stick to 1 URL and 1 keyword for the "TRYOUT" package, 2 URLs and 2 keywords for the "REGULAR" package and for the "COMMITED" package either for 3-4 URLs and keywords or 1 URL and keyword if you truly want to get to page #1 and position #1 on the highest competition keywords.

- Changes in SERPs and results will depend on the current position your site is on your chosen keywords. Do not expect to rank #1 on "escorts in X" if you are not in top 30 even if you order the "commited" package - let us be realistic.

- We send a couple of links each month to consolidate the keywords that bring us most leads and we recommend you do the same to keep the positions in #1 page
- Each package is for one site only. You can have multiple URLs of the same site (although not recommended for Tryout package) but you cannot break down the packages for multiple sites – the only exception is the Committed Package where we accept up to 4 different domains (so it’s basically like ordering 4 Tryout packages). This is a restriction to offer you the best bang for your buck.

First orders discount:
4 review copies of 10 links each – first to come first to be served
10 discount packages – 50% on all packages
You know the rest: write a message in this thread or PM 