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Next Google PR Update is Expected around January 24 2012!!


Been reading some blogs and most people are predicting the next PR update to be January 24th, 2012...I've also heard predictions of January 28th and even 7 days prior to the 24th (around the 17th-18th)...I know most people in the adult industry don't give a shit about pagerank but for those who sell links this information could be helpful  ;)

Should be any time now I would think..Been waiting for this next PR update for about 2 months now!! haha

Has anyone seen an update yet?

No update yet! It seams like everyone has been waiting for this update, LOL...But nope, no updates yet on my end at least!

The PR just updated this week. Looks like it took a little longer than everyone was predicting but to those that it matters to - you finally got what you were waiting for! :)


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