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Sell and Buy Forum / Selling Domains
« on: November 19, 2012, 07:25:26 am »
Hey everybody,

I need some quick cash to pay my bills and since I can't maintain all of my domains anyway - here's your chance to grab some nice names for your projects:

These domains are managed through NameCheap and I can push them to your account immediately: - PR1

These are managed through Moniker - I can push domains to other accounts there, too.

These domains are managed through BigRock. Not sure if there's a push option here...

I'll consider reasonable offers and accept PayPal and Paxum for payment.

Webmaster Business & General Discussion / Closed Affiliate Sites
« on: November 16, 2012, 07:50:07 am »
Okay, time for updates:

... and again, some more...


Webmaster Business & General Discussion / Trademark Subdomains
« on: July 11, 2012, 07:44:44 am »
Hey everybody, I need your opinion here - especially if you are working for an affiliate program.

Many affiliate programs forbid their partners to purchase domains that are similar to their trademarks. For example if you are promoting you must not just get and forward all traffic to your referral link.

That's understandable and I totally agree that that's foul play and should not be allowed.

My question - however - is: I want to track and count traffic I send to my partner sites. Let's just assume I have an domain called ''.

I could use - but I could also use

Would you think the latter option is okay? No one is going to type that in accidently, so I'm not just domainsquatting and living off my partner's big name.

Or to go one step ahead: Let's say I want to put up hosted galleries for a partner. What you often see is Would you think that using is okay?

Here's a list of sites that I caught being gone in the last two weeks:

Here are some sites that died within the last 14 days - so if you are promoting them... You know what to do ;)

On the other hand 'Shaynee Plays' and 'Vanessa Plays' from Yotone Cash are back and don't show a domain parking site anymore.

Webmaster Business & General Discussion / MPA3 - Deeplinking
« on: May 31, 2012, 07:40:51 am »
Can anybody give me a hint if it is possible to deeplink on affiliate programs based on MPA3 affiliate software?

Deeplinking (usually) is no problem on NATS, but I haven't seen it on MPA3 so far...

Anybody here promoting Epic Cash sites?

It's one of those Media Revenue site networks - and its sites have been broken for about week now.

So far no luck getting in touch with them.

Sometimes I wonder if they even notice or care if they don't make any sales for a week.

Let's hope noone noticed, because that means that everything went smoothly  ;)

AdultWebmasterChat is now under new management.

I've taken over the forum from fpforum and hope I'll be able to keep the site alive. There won't be any bigger changes for now, we'll just continue business as usual. Every adult webmaster is invited to join discussion!

P.S. Bare with me if my English isn't perfect, but I'm not a native English speaker  8)

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