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Dear webmasters,
Let me start with program introduction:
Sites: 27
Niches: teen, anal, amateur, 3d, pov, step fantasy, reality, cuckold and others.

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Friendly support: we will be glad to help

We've added 34 new hosted HD mp4 for 11 websites. Here is the list of them:

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We are happy to introduce you - a huge network of High-Quality amateur sites with 2800+ spectacular videos in a variety of sub-niches and formats from mobile to Full HD.

Hundreds of fresh amateur girls get naked, masturbate, have lesbian fun and get fucked in every imaginable way right in front of your eyes. Watch them have multiple orgasms, share messy cumshots and take it in the ass with no hesitation.

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Serious-Cash Team

Dear webmasters,

We are happy to present you our new trendy hardcore project focused on horny step-brothers fucking their slutty step-sisters.

These bitches are addicted to sex and they will do anything to keep a horny step-brother from telling on them, even suck his big dick and let him fuck them any way he wants. Damn, some of these sluts just wanna go all kinky and have a story to tell about banging their younger stepbro.

Any way you put it, the stuff is hot, wild and perverted as fuck!

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Serious-Cash Team

Announcements / - fake job interviews going fully hardcore
« on: April 07, 2017, 02:20:28 pm »
How far will a young chick go to get the job of her dreams? As far as giving head to her future boss and riding his cock right in the middle of her job interview or even as far as making him cum in her mouth and asking for more!

Welcome, our new trending site with amateur-style hardcore videos captured through POV spy glasses camera during fake job interviews.

Indeed, playing big boss and fucking hot chicks from all over the country must be the best job in the world every man secretly dreams about.

7+ mins length:

Let them taste this depraved sexual fantasy and make them wanna trade places with the lucky bastard who gets to fuck a new young pussy every day.

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Serious-Cash Team

Dear webmasters,

Welcome one of the most exquisite and erotically saturated High Definition video sites we ever created

Your favorite sexual fantasies come to life as cute nubile chicks get their sexy young bodies oiled up real good and end up shamelessly seduced by our hot and skillful masseurs.

These gorgeous sensual nymphs get so aroused they will do anything for a much-desired happy ending. They will suck cocks and fuck right on those oil-covered massage tables unleashing their wildest desires and burning passion in an absolutely spectacular way.

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Dear webmasters,

We are happy to introduce you, our new stunning porn project for those who like real hardcore "roughed-up, tear-her-clothes-and-pussy" fucking.

There's no place for shy cuties here. We got horny bitches with attitude getting ripped-up and punished by the means of cock in every most perverted way. Throat-fucking till she bursts into tears, balls-deep anal drilling, messy facials and more.

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Serious-Cash Team

Announcements / your one pass to 11 exclusive HD sites!
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:17:47 am »
Welcome, the hottest offer of the season with 11 content-packed exclusive HD sites from fake POV amateur castings and sensual erotic massages going wild to slutty girlfriend cuckold stories and the roughest fucking you've ever witnessed in stunning 4K quality.

Our videos will have your surfers glued to their monitors and hurrying up to click JOIN as they pick up their jaws after another spectacular hardcore scene.

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Serious-Cash Team

Announcements / Exquisite pleasures in HD erotic videos at
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:01:32 am »
Open the door into a whole new world of explicit and sensual pleasures where gorgeous teens:

- make love to handsome romantic guys;
- masturbate;
- have lesbian fun;
- do other depraved stuff in front of the camera;
- their every emotion is real;
- they fall in love;
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- unleash their lustful side;
- get multiple powerful orgasms. shows lovemaking from a whole new perspective.

It's so much more fulfilling and satisfying than ordinary porn your surfers will wanna come back to watch our stunning Ultra-HD videos over and over again.

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With our growing database of hot young models and constant picture and video updates your surfers will never run out of new mind-blowing content to enjoy.

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Serious-Cash Team

Nerdy freshman chicks sure love dick and we love watching them fuck and capturing them on cam for our new HD site

These pretty science club girls look so smart and sexy in their stylish eyeglasses and nothing turns them on like a good book or a new mathematic equation. They seem aloof and into their studies, but under this nerdy surface there's always a cock-craving slut hungry for a passionate fuck.

Welcome a new HD bestseller from Serious-Cash Team and hurry up to advertise while it's fresh and hot.

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6+ mins length:

Should you have any questions regarding or any other site from Serious-Cash Partnership Program, please feel free to contact our support service at any time.

Serious-Cash Team

Private casting - get paid!

These magic words in a Craigslist ad attract dozens of cute nubile wannabe models willing to do anything for 2000 dollars even suck big cock and get fucked on camera.

Of course, our guy tells them the vids are meant only for his private porn collection, but we got them all here on the pages of our new reality site[/size]

Porn fans love watching eager coeds get sweet-talked into stripping naked and getting their brains fucked out on a large hotel room bed.

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5+ mins length:

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You're gonna love promoting such a fantastic product!

Serious-Cash team

Dear friends,

We are happy to introduce you Trick Your Gf - a new reality site from Serious-Cash team.

The site is based on a fresh and exciting concept: guys surprise their girlfriends with blindfolded sex and let total strangers fuck these unsuspecting cuties. These bitches have no idea who's really fucking them up until the moment when a blindfold is removed, but then they are too excited to stop and just beg for a cumshot. Fucking whores!

We get it all captured on camera up close and in High Definition and our members are loving it! Now it's time for you to jump in and make some cash on this new reality bestseller.

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Serious-Cash team

These sluts can't say NO to a good fuck and no wonder they end up getting seduced and disgraced in front of the camera.
Our guys have a full bag of tricks to make these naive honeys get naked, suck dick and spread their pussies for some intense balls-deep pounding.

Show no mercy!
- them bitches get exactly what they deserve;
- getting thrown into pools;
- locked outside with no clothes on covered with cum like filthy whores.

These crazy-ass vids with great pickup tricks and hilarious sex pranks make Disgrace That Bitch an absolute bestseller.

We give you everything you need for successful and profitable sales: creative idea, high-quality reality content, regular updates and a great selection of promo tools including hosted FLVs, embedded videos and banners.

5+ mins length:

Waste no time and join the fun making money on naive sluts who get fucked and disgraced in front of the camera!

Serious-Cash team

Great news from Serious-Cash team!

Welcome the new stunning Young Courtesans with stylish design, new creative concept and tons of fresh HD content shot in trendy movie-style format.

- hot nubile chicks;
- wild desire;
- real orgasms;
- multiple camera angles we give our viewers everything they look for in a porn video.

These young courtesans not just do porn. They enjoy sex on every level pleasing their lovers with great skill and passion, sharing the ultimate satisfaction and getting rewarded for these unforgettable moments with cash and expensive gifts.

As always we offer our webmasters a great selection of various promo tools to help them maximize their efficiency and overall profit.

5+ mins length:

Check out the reborn Young Courtesans and skim the cream off this porn bestseller together with us.

Serious-Cash team

Announcements / Three new reality sites from Serious-Cash team!
« on: September 23, 2013, 08:49:30 am »
Great news from Serious-Cash Partnership Program!
Welcome three new hot reality sites packed with fresh and entertaining hardcore content.

Fucking Glasses - guys with hidden cameras in their glasses pick up eager chicks and fuck them at home or even right on the street. These clueless bitches get some dick and don't even have a clue they'll end up on a porn site.

Tricky Agent - an experienced mature porn agent invites naive cuties to movie castings and tricks them into sucking and riding his big cock right in his porn studio.

Make Him Cuckold - insatiable teen sluts turn their boyfriends into spineless cuckolds shamelessly fucking with other guys right in front of them.

- new faces;
- juicy young pussies;
- cock-hungry mouths;
- tight welcoming buttholes.

Our sites have everything reality porn niche can offer.
Here even shy prudes turn into dirty sex-crazed whores and take some big-time fucking on camera.

This is exactly what those willing to pay for quality action wanna see.

They just won't be able to resist the temptation to get access to THREE exclusive reality porn sites at the price of one!!!

As always, we will please our webmasters with high ratios and a great selection of promo tools including hosted FHGs, FLVs, embedded videos, banners, etc.

FHG Sample 1

FHG Sample 2

FHG Sample 3

FHG Sample 4

FHG Sample 5

FHG Sample 6

Fucking Glasses
5+ mins length:

Make Him Cuckold
5+ mins length:

Tricky Agent
5+ mins length:

Waste no time and try three new reality sites from Serious-Cash team. You're gonna love the results!

Sincerely, Team

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