Author Topic: How do we ptotect ourselves as women from sexual harasament  (Read 37 times)

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How do we ptotect ourselves as women from sexual harasament
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:30:38 am »

vibrator on clit
ğLong live the love! 10 things that you only understand if you have been with your partner for a long time
Have you been more than a couple of years with your partner and what is your business? Are you living under the same roof? Then surely these 10 things that happen when you have a lot of time with a person will be more than familiar ...

In life in general, a couple of years may seem like little, but when you're in love, it can seem like an eternity. And is that when you have been with your partner for a long time, you inevitably end up learning everything about her, you get used to her habits and flaws (yes, we all have) and you start to share and do things with her that previously seemed unthinkable. And that is that love can do everything! That is why we have compiled 10 things that happen when you have spent a lot of time with your partner. Some are good, and others ... not so much. Do you identify with any?
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 Mr. and Mrs. Smith
1. The non-existent privacy in the bathroom
To use the bathroom with the door open? Shower while your partner is sitting in the toilet?  Share sink and mirror? The days when you were reluctant to go to the service at your pickup house were left behind, after so much time together you learned that the "privacy" in the bathroom did not matter as much as you thought.
2. Confidence gives disgust Do you remember when you felt ashamed to make the least noise in your presence? Now listen to some belching, share the toothbrush, see the dirty vater or remove pimples from the back is part of your day to day. Not to mention the flatulence ... once you pass that barrier there will be no turning back.
3. The question of "? For when the wedding?" It begins to be common. It's inevitable. Many people (especially your more long-lived relatives), would think that after a couple of years of relationship you should already be thinking of "formalizing" things. By now, you've gotten used to the question.
4. The best plans, at home? Going out partying until the wee hours of the morning? For what? Now you prefer to spend the night of Friday huddled on the sofa watching a series with your partner. You feel a little older, but how comfortable are you? Here are some suggestions.
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 Stranger Things
5. Cause a good impression is not the priority What times those in which you took great care in shaving your entire body, you bathed in perfume and wore lingerie together, right? Now that only happens on special occasions.
6. #NofilterDespues of so much time finally you have understood that your partner adores you even as you are, so you are not going to give up spending a whole weekend in pajamas, with messy hair and without makeup. Come on, that before the matter took away the dream and now you are a total defender of the #nofilter.
7. Sleeping Embraced? NahTambien you have understood that although it is romantic at the beginning, to sleep 8 hours embraced to your partner is not practical (nor comfortable). You know that you do not have to spend the whole night with your boy to show him your unconditional love, and in fact, you almost prefer to go to the edge of the mattress and leave more space. You would not reject a whole bed for yourself, either!
8. You end up talking the same, and we do not only refer to the qualifiers "cari" and "churri". As they spend time together, two people tend to develop their own language. Surely you use words and expressions that only you understand among you, what if?
9. You understand each other with just one look. The more time you take together, the more you will know each other and the more capacity you will have to interpret your eyes. In your case, you can already know what your partner is thinking just by looking her in the eye. Will it be telepathy?
10. You are best friends, you have so much together that you know each other's secret, you know how to enjoy your time together, how to make you feel better, what plans you like or how to cheer you up in the worst moments. In short, you are the best friends! As if to doubt your compatibility ...
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